Tuesday, September 6, 2011




Learn to love the people who are with you at present
Forget the people in the past and thank them for hurting you
which led you to love the people you have right now.

When you love someone, you'll do crazy things
you can't explain, you'll deny the truth and believe in lies.
When you love someone, you sacrifice,
give everything you've got and don't think twice.
You risk it all no matter what.

Everything in life is temporary because everything changes.
That is why it takes courage to love, knowing it might end anytime...
having faith will make it last.
Friends are not the one who laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry.
They are the ones who make you laugh and stop you from crying.
Love is the feeling we fall in and out of and every time we fall off,
we learn to hold on tighter...
Hoping that next time, we may never have to let go.

They say when love knocks at your door, open it.
But do you know that sometimes love enters through the back
door and before you begin to notice it,
it's on it's way out.

Have you ever loved only to let it go?..
Have you ever hated someone and loved him so?..
Have you ever missed someone so bad it made you cry?..
Have you ever seen someone left alone without knowing why?

Lucky is the man who wins the first love of a woman
but luckier is the woman who wins the last love of a man.
Love is not the right word to say when you feel guilty nor
the right word to say when you like a person but
love really matters when we share our thoughts, our minds and our hearts...

Life has a way of changing things but not
the joy that friendship brings,
for friendship is like the shining moon,
makes each night a brighter one.

Love is not for beauty or color of the skin,
but for a heart that is loyal within,
for beauty fades and the skin would grow old
but a heart that is loyal will never turn cold.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart,
forgive them for they have helped you learn about trust
and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.

love is easy to feel, so hard to explain;
so easy to get, so hard to let go;
so easy to spell, so hard to define...
and yet everyone is still taking the risk.
That's love...

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in love in mutual weirdness
and call it LOVE...

Never be afraid to fall in love.
It may hurt a lot,
it may give you aches and pain,
but if you don't follow your heart;
in the end you will cry even more for not giving love a chance.

Don't run ahead of God.
Let Him direct your steps.
He has plans and He has His time.
God's clock is never one minute early nor one minute late.
It always strikes right on time.

If someone loves you,
love them back not only because they love you,
but also because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart and eyes
to things you have never seen or felt without them.

The past is meant to be used as a tool for the future.
Bad experiences indeed make you bitter but the lessons
learned should make you better.

ON LETTING GOit hurts to see someone you love happy with somebody else;
but wouldn't it hurt you more to see that person unhappy...with you?
When you find arms that will hold you at your weakest,
eyes that will see you at your ugliest,
lips that will kiss you in both instances,
and a heart that will love you at your worst,
then you have found true love.

someone might come into your life
and love you in a way you always wanted.

If your someday was yesterday.. LEARNIf your someday is tomorrow.. HOPE
If your someday is today.. CHERISH

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cinta Matiku-6ixth Sense

Akan ku biarkan dirimu
Merasuki hidupku
Akan ku biarkan cintamu
Meracuni hatiku

Kerna cintaku terlalu gila
Kepadamu yang ku cinta
Kerna diriku tak pernah bisa
Hidup tanpamu

Jangan pernah tinggalkan diriku
Jangan lepaskan aku
Walau setengah detik hidupku

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now i'm in SGGS, life,new friends,new experience......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pada suatu pagi di satu sekolah menengah, ada seorang pelajar bertanya pada seorang guru yang sedang mengajar. Ketika itu, guru tersebut sedang menyentuh mengenai kasih dan sayang secara am. Dialog di antara

pelajar dan guru tersebut berbunyi begini :

Pelajar : Cikgu, macam mana kita nak pilih seseorang yang terbaik sebagai orang paling kita sayang?. Macam mana juga kasih sayang itu nak berkekalan?

Cikgu : Oh, awak nak tahu ke?.Emmm…baiklah, sekarang kamu buat apa yang saya suruh. Ikut je ye…mungkin kamu akan dapat apa jawapannya.

Pelajar : Baiklah…apa yang saya harus buat?

Cikgu : Kamu pergi ke padang sekolah yang berada di luar kelas sekarang juga. Kamu berjalan di atas rumput di situ dan sambil memandang rumput di depan kamu, pilih mana yang PALING cantik tanpa menoleh ke belakang lagi walaupun sekali. Dan kamu petiklah rumput yang PALING cantik yang berada di depan kamu tersebut dan selepas itu bawa balik ke kelas.

Pelajar : Ok. Saya pergi sekarang dan buat apa yang cikgu suruh.

Apabila pelajar tersebut balik semula ke kelas, tiada pun rumput yang berada di tangannya. Maka cikgu pun bertanya kepada pelajar tersebut.

Cikgu : Mana rumput yang cikgu suruh petik?

Pelajar : Oh, tadi saya berjalan di atas rumput dan sambil memandang rumput yang berada di situ, saya carilah rumput yang paling cantik. Memang ada banyak yang cantik tapi cikgu kata petik yang paling cantik maka saya pun terus berjalan ke depan sambil mencari yang paling cantik tanpa menoleh ke belakang lagi. Tapi sampai di penghujung padang , saya tak jumpa pun yang paling cantik. Mungkin ada di antara yang di belakang saya sebelum itu tapi dah cikgu cakap tak boleh menoleh ke belakang semula, jadi tiadalah rumput yang saya boleh petik.

Cikgu : Ya, itulah jawapannya. Maknanya, apabila kita telah berjumpa dengan seseorang yang kita sayang, janganlah kita hendak mencari lagi yang lebih baik daripada itu. Kita patut hargai orang yang berada di depan kita sebaik-baiknya. Janganlah kita menoleh ke belakang lagi kerana yang berlaku tetap dah berlaku. Dan semoga yang berlalu tidak lagi berulang. Jika kita berselisih faham dengan orang yang kita sayang itu, kita boleh perbetulkan keadaan dan cuba teruskan perhubungan tersebut walaupun banyak perkara yang menggugat perhubungan tersebut. Dan ingatlah orang yang kita sayang itulah kita jumpa paling cantik dan paling baik pada MULAnya walaupun nak ikutkan banyak lagi yang cantik dan baik seperti rumput tadi. KECUALILAH jika perhubungan tersebut tak boleh diselamatkan lagi, maka barulah kita mulakan sekali lagi. Maka sayangilah orang yang berada di depan kita dengan tulus dan ikhlas.

Monday, April 12, 2010


who said being a teacher is the solution from be unemployed?.......who think from dat kind of perspective is totally wrong...being a teacher is not easy as we can see...a lot of challenges dat we have to going through..especially, in our education system now is totally different when we are young before... a lot of changes being done just to fulfill the eagerness from many parties or sides...for me, just a few of month being a practical teacher,i can see dat what i'm going through later is really2 challenging n i hv to prepare myself from physically n mentally....dont just simply said dat i'm going to be a teacher because i'm being unemployee after ive done my study..or because my degree is "tak laku" or " peluang pekerjaan xda"...many people said "dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan" a teacher, there's a lot work to do..not just duduk n goyang kaki..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

praktikal oh praktikal...

Pejam celik pejam pelik da tinggal lg 5 mggu je lg nk abis praktikal kt SMK Klian Pauh,Taiping....huhu....sedih ada epi pun ada nk abis praktikal nih....bnyk pengalaman yg aku dpt...n yg paling xdpt aku lupa is about T202 and first students...........kenangan ngan mbr2 praktikal yg epi go lucky walaupun bnyk skali kita diperkotak-katikkan..hehehe

mbr2 praktikal-UPSI

Friday, March 19, 2010

dun juge a book by it's cover...

i'll get my lesson after wat already happen...even latar blakang family baik, ramai org the truth is totally different...yg baik mak ngan ayah dia,dia??seorg playboy......itulah hakikat yg aku others people out there,just be careful k...jgn kerana paras rupa yg cantik, nsem,elok...belum tentu hati n dalaman dia elok... bak kata org...sebiji buah yg cantik, licin kulitnya..xsemesti isi dalamannya elok...just satu kisah tuk pedoman bersama...